Real Talk.

Does your brand and website truly connect with your right audience?

Spoiler Alert.

A consistent and cohesive brand can help you step into your expertise and maximize the impact of your work.

Because here’s the thing, if your people don’t understand what you’re all about as a brand, they’re going to have a real hard time connecting with you and your work.

Our goal? To make sure the experience someone has with your brand tells the same story, every. single. time.

kind words from happy clients

Gaining a clear definition of what my brand is about is exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I got!

“Working with Witt and Company was a beautiful experience. I was able to gain a clear definition of what my brand is about and a clear visual template of how everything should look design-wise. I use all my beautiful designs across my social media platforms from social media posts to my website to client forms and business cards. This experience truly fit like a glove for my business.”

Beth Alexander
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Let’s work together

Ready to maximize your brand’s impact?

Our strategy-first approach to brand building is all about connecting the dots between what you want your brand to be known for and how you’re actually showing up online.

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The signature (re)brand Experience

When you want your brand to look cohesive and accurately reflect where your business is now (not two, three or five years ago), but you don’t know where to start or how to get what’s in your head onto the proverbial paper.

Our signature rebrand experience is a collaborative process that will help you wrap up all your ideas, messages, services and/or programs into an easy-to-implement brand system (i.e, the strategy, the message, the visuals, the website) so you can confidently show up for your business and make more of an impact.

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Graphic Design

You want cohesive, on-brand graphics to use for visibility and marketing, but you don’t want the drawn-out process and endless back-and-forth emails that often comes with retainer-based design work. 

No worries, our Design Day will give you all your design must-haves and ensure they’re consistent with your current brand aesthetic. 

For nonprofits

As a nonprofit organization, you want all the right stakeholders to understand and support your organization’s work, but you aren’t sure how to communicate it effectively.

Our collaborative approach to nonprofit brand support will give you a customized plan for marketable language, a cohesive aesthetic and an overall strategy for consistent communication.

kind words from happy clients

She helps her clients dig deeper so that they can speak more authentically to their target audience, which is so important when trying to build a client’s trust.

“Working with Kelly was a wonderful experience. She took the time to thoughtfully think through the services I was offering, and helped brainstorm ideas for how to improve them. She is extremely organized, responsive and a pleasure to collaborate with. I would highly recommend her!”
Chanel Horowitz
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About Witt and Company

Witt and Company is a Minnesota-based brand strategy and design studio for purpose-driven businesses. Our small and mighty team is focused on helping you create a brand experience that is easy to communicate, exciting to show off and truly representative of your vision.

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