A strategy-first brand studio for purpose-driven business owners

Helping businesses that do things differently
craft consistent and cohesive brands
so they can do more good.

Our Approach

Strategic brand building for maximum impact.

Your business is on a mission to do good in this world and we want to help amplify your efforts. Perhaps you revel in challenging the status quo, want to do work you genuinely enjoy or maybe you simply saw a need that wasn’t being filled. Regardless of your reason – you’re fueled by the desire to create something big and we are here. for. it.

Our strategy-first process is all about distilling those ideas, thoughts and inspiration into a communication plan that amplifies your purpose, clearly articulates what makes you different and provides a brand experience that moves your business forward.

kind words from happy clients

Karissa Russ
Karissa Russ & Co

“Her work is out of this world and she really has a way of making what you envision come to life.”

“Was it worth the investment? 1000000%. I’ll be shouting her name from the rooftops. I’m already getting tons of compliments on the new site and that is thanks to Kelly for pushing me outside of my bubble and digging deep to get to the core of myself/business. ”

Work With Us

Here’s the lowdown on how we can support your brand.

Brand Strategy and Messaging

This is for you if: Your visuals are on point but there’s still a missing piece in terms of how to effectively communicate your brand.

We’ll clarify those thoughts, ideas and questions, and then create a plan that makes it easy for you to share your brand with the right people.

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Strategic Brand Design

This is for you if: You’re ready to create a brand experience that brings more ease, enjoyment and fun into your business.

This collaborative process is all about getting clear on who you serve, what you offer, why it matters and how you want to show up, and then bringing that brand to life with aligned visuals.

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Strategic Brand
and Website Design

This is for you if: You’re ready for a total brand experience overhaul and want full brand, website and marketing support.

We’ll clarify your brand’s strategy and messaging, bring it to life with aligned visuals and then showcase the new experience with a user-friendly website that supports your business goals. Lastly, we’ll create a marketing strategy so that you can confidently show up for your business.

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Brand Development

This is for you if: You have a solid brand and website but you aren’t sure how to implement and market your business.

Together, we’ll create a 90-day marketing plan and then our team will dedicate an entire day to building out the necessary brand collateral to support your marketing efforts.

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kind words from happy clients

Angela Knox
The Divine Group

“She understands how to put your business out there from a design and messaging perspective!”

“Kelly is amazing! I can’t thank her enough for the time and energy she put into my website and brand! I’m in love with the design and website she put together and can’t wait for it to launch this week! I will be referring all my clients her way!”

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About Witt and Company

Witt and Company is a Minnesota-based brand strategy and design studio for purpose-driven businesses. We have a small and mighty team focused on helping you create a brand experience that is easy to communicate, exciting to show off and truly representative of your vision.

Grab the Brand Strategy Workbook

High level: your brand strategy is the plan for communicating your brand. 

Still not sure what that means? No worries - this workbook will walk you through the four foundational elements to get clear on your brand's communication plan so that you can show up consistently and cohesively.