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Intentional brand strategy. Meaningful brand design.

You’re passionate about the work you do and you have a business you love. The results you deliver to clients is freakin’ awesome.

There’s just one, small problem… your brand isn’t measuring up.

It’s not for lack of effort – you’ve invested countless hours tweaking your color scheme, creating Instagram templates
and updating your website layout, only to come up short.

Something feels ‘off’ but you can’t quite put your finger on it. And quite frankly, you’re starting to think that it really doesn’t matter. Clients are still coming in, so maybe building a brand you’re excited about isn’t worth the effort?

Except, it is. 

You’re damn good at what you do.

Let’s make sure your brand tells the same story.

how we can work together

Brand Consultations

Two-hour brand consults for brand clarity + quick wins.

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Four-week program to help you communicate your brand clearly and consistently.

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Brand Strategy + Design

Brand design rooted in strategy so that you’re actually excited to share your business.

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Web Strategy + Design

Clean, simple website design that clearly communicates your value to each visitor.

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“To be honest I really struggled with the idea of spending a huge chunk of money on re-branding with a new logo/website since I had previously created everything myself. But I knew in my gut that it was a necessary move in order to pivot and take my business to the next level. The process was seamless. Kelly is extremely responsive, easy to communicate with, takes feedback well and gives amazing suggestions. Her work is out of this world and she really has a way of making what you envision/tell her to come to life. Was it worth the investment? 1000000%. I’ll be shouting her name from the rooftops. I’m already getting tons of compliments on the new site and that is thanks to Kelly for pushing me outside of my bubble and digging deep to get to the core of myself/business. 

Karissa Russ

Karissa Russ & Co.

Brand clarity leads to
excitement and consistency

If you’re struggling with how to talk about your services in a way that connects with your audience, it’s time to get clear on your brand.

If you’d rather meet someone in person instead of sending them to your website becasue of sheer embarrassment, it’s time to get clear on your brand. 

If you don’t think you need to pick an ideal client because you want everyone to book your services, it’s time to get clear on your brand. 

If your brand visuals are comprised of whatever font and color combo you were in the mood for that day, it’s time to get clear on your brand.

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My happy place is collaborating with passionate business owners who are ready to take their brand to the next level. Together, we craft a one-of-a-kind brand that reflects their personality and elevates their business. 

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“Working with you was wonderful! I felt like you really worked to understand what my company is all about and the specific area that I work. The designs reflect the look and feel I was going for and it’s been really helpful to have the additional brand elements, like the pattern. Throughout the process, the communication was fantastic. Thank you so much for all your help and hard work!“

Janelle Fenwick

Express Yourself, NC



You're an expert in your field but when it comes to creating a strong and recognizable brand, you feel like a fish outta water.

No problem, I got you.

Check out my free brand-building resources, all geared towards helping you create a consistent and cohesive brand. 

step 01.

Ideal Client

When you get clear on who you best serve, you provide a better brand experience AND position yourself as the go-to expert in that space.

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step 02.

Brand Values

Your brand values are the heart and soul of your business and they’re used to guide business decisions, create connection with your audience and clarify your messaging.

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step 03.

Customer Journey

Get clear on the unique transformation that you provide so that you can clearly communicate your value to your ideal client. And remember, no one else can deliver the same results as you.

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step 04.

Brand Visuals

When you know the basics of how to identify your brand season, you’ll be able to create a brand identity
that consistently resonates with your community and remains cohesive.

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