A strategy-first design studio for purpose-driven service providers and small business owners

Let’s talk about strategy. 

We don’t just design pretty things. Yes, of course that’s important. But here at Witt and Company, we’re all about creating something that not only looks damn good but actually moves the needle forward.

Because what’s the point of having something designed well if it isn’t supporting your big-picture vision?

You see, we believe, hand to heart, that a cohesive and consistent brand has the power to bring ease, enjoyment and fun into your business. 

Which is why we start with the strategy. We get into the nitty gritty details of how you want your brand to be experienced and then we use that information to craft a brand suite that brings the vision to life.

The result?

Brand clarity – in the form of how you want to communicate your brand, the plan for doing so cohesively and a suite of visuals that bring the entire experience together.

Whether you’re an established business owner with a brand that’s been duct-taped together OR you’re just getting started and going the DIY route is bit too overwhelming – you’re in the right place.

And we cannot wait to help you bring your brand vision to life.

kind words from happy clients

Karissa Russ

owner, karissa russ & co.

“Her work is out of this world and she really has a way of making what you envision come to life.”

“Was it worth the investment? 1000000%. I’ll be shouting her name from the rooftops. I’m already getting tons of compliments on the new site and that is thanks to Kelly for pushing me outside of my bubble and digging deep to get to the core of myself/business. ”

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Our happy place is collaborating with passionate business owners who are ready to bring their brand vision to life with intentionality and purpose. Together, we’ll craft a one-of-a-kind brand that not only reflects your personality but also elevates your business.

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kind words from happy clients

Angela Knox

Owner, The Divine Group

“She understands how to put your business out there from a design and messaging perspective!”

“Kelly is amazing! I can’t thank her enough for the time and energy she put into my website and brand! I’m in love with the design and website she put together and can’t wait for it to launch this week! I will be referring all my clients her way!”

About Witt and Company

Witt and Company is a Minnesota-based brand strategy and design studio for service providers and small business owners. Our superpower is helping service providers and small business owners distill all the thoughts, ideas and inspiration for their brand and create something that is easy to communicate, exciting to show off and truly representative of their vision.