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Helping service-based businesses and personal brands step into their thought leadership and maximize their impact.

Done with having a brand and website that doesn’t support your business goals?

You’ve probably come to realize that there is a gap between how your brand is currently functioning and what you envision that experience to actually be.

→ That you’re ready to end the feelings of embarrassment about how your website looks and functions.

→ That you’re ready to have a brand that matches where you’re at now, rather than where you were one, three or five-plus years ago.

→ That you’re ready to set and maintain a clear goal for your website, rather than having pages and sections haphazardly thrown together in a pinch.

→ That you’re ready to create and share a compelling story that grabs the attention of your right people and makes them want to engage.

→ That you’re ready to have brand standards and guidelines so each team member can communicate on behalf of the brand, while keeping things consistent.

My friend, it’s time to connect all the dots of how you’re showing up and intentionally step into your brand’s thought leadership.

You believe so strongly in the work that you’re doing (rightfully so!) – let’s now collaborate and create a brand that elevates your profile, amplifies your efforts and truly supports where you’re going next.

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Ready to maximize your brand’s impact?
Here’s how we can help.

Our strategy-first approach to brand building is all about connecting the dots between what you want to be known for and how to effectively communicate it to your right audience – think community, clients, listeners, readers and customers.

Strategic Brand Design

This collaborative process is all about getting clear on who you serve, what you offer, why it matters and how you want to show up, and then bringing that brand to life with aligned visuals.

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Strategic Brand and Website Design

We’ll clarify your brand’s strategy and messaging, bring it to life with aligned visuals and then showcase the new experience with a user-friendly website that supports your business goals. 

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Graphic Design


We’ll dedicate an entire day to accomplishing your top design priorities. No drawn out, back-and-forth emails. Just design.

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kind words from happy clients

Beth Alexander
Unleash Pet Photography

“Gaining a clear definition of what my brand is about is exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I got!”

“Working with Witt and Company was a beautiful experience. I was able to gain a clear definition of what my brand is about and a clear visual template of how everything should look design-wise. I use all my beautiful designs across my social media platforms from social media posts to my website to client forms and business cards. This experience truly fit like a glove for my business.”

Our Approach

The Brand Authority Method clarifies your plan, simplifies your message and aligns your visuals.

Our happy place is holding space for meaningful conversations with you (and your team), so that you can get crystal clear on what you want your brand to represent. The end result? A consistent, cohesive brand that embodies your desired experience.

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Clarify the strategy.

Your brand's strategy is the communication plan for your brand and business. We have four main pillars that we'll dive into - who you serve, what you offer, why it matters and how you want people to feel when they experience your brand. Together these elements create a strong foundation for communicating with your right audience.

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Craft a message.

With your communication plan in place, we will then dive into your brand's message - the common thread woven into every brand touch point. This is all about creating an overarching theme that's easy for you and your team to communicate, and for your right audience to understand.

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Define the personality.

Now that you have the plan and message in place, we identify the characteristics and traits that will bring it to life. We do this by aligning your desired brand experience with a primary brand season and archetype, and then defining the details like brand voice, common words and phrases used and key terms that embody the brand.

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Align on visuals.

The last step is to bring your brand experience to life with aligned visuals - logo, typography selection, color palette and supporting collateral. Each visual brand element is created with your brand goals at the forefront, making the entire experience aligned with your brand's personality, strategy and message.

kind words from happy clients

Angela Knox
The Divine Group

“She understands how to put your business out there from a design and messaging perspective!”

“Kelly is amazing! I can’t thank her enough for the time and energy she put into my website and brand! I’m in love with the design and website she put together and can’t wait for it to launch this week! I will be referring all my clients her way!”

About Witt and Company

Witt and Company is a Minnesota-based brand strategy and design studio for purpose-driven businesses. Our small and mighty team is focused on helping you create a brand experience that is easy to communicate, exciting to show off and truly representative of your vision.

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